Panic Fest 2022 – “CAREGIVER” World Premiere

I had the honor of returning to the wonderful Panic Fest in Kansas City, Missouri this past weekend for the world premiere of CAREGIVER! It’s always an inspiring experience meeting other talented filmmakers, watching their great films on the big screen and trading stories/experiences. Thank you to festival co-founders Adam Roberts and Tim Canton for having me back!

Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival

Last month, I attended the Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey where MOMMA, DON’T GO won all three of the awards it was nominated for: Best Horror/Thriller, Best Director – Horror/Thriller and Best Actress (Julia Tolchin) – Horror/Thriller! Thank you to the festival for having the film!

“Caregiver” World Premiere

I’m excited to announce that my new horror short CAREGIVER will have its world premiere at Panic Fest in Kansas City, Missouri! I was fortunate enough to attend Panic Fest in 2020 with MOMMA, DON’T GO right before the pandemic hit and I’ve been eager to return to this awesome festival ever since. I’m very much looking forward to CAREGIVER having its first big screen experience at the Screenland Armour Theater. Panic Fest runs April 28th through May 8th. Congratulations to the cast and crew!

The Brightside Film Festival

Momma, Don’t Go screened in a block of short horror films this past weekend at The Brightside Film Festival in Jersey City, New Jersey where it was nominated for Best Short Short, Best Horror/Thriller and Best Director – Horror. I had the honor of winning the Best Director award and had a great time among a packed house of filmgoers and artists. Thank you to festival directors Chris Cullen and Chris Capaci for having the film and running this awesome event.

“Caregiver” teaser trailer

“Caregiver” poster image

“Caregiver” new upcoming horror short

Back in October, I had no intention of making another film for a while as I wanted to focus on writing features. When I started thinking about what to do as the final project for my graduate Cross-Platform Production course, I took the opportunity to scratch the itch and twist my assignment into a new horror short. Fast forward to December, after the shortest pre-production period I’ve ever set for myself, we started production on CAREGIVER. For me, this was not just another shoot, but a new challenge I set for myself as a filmmaker, taking on more hats on top of the million I usually wear. I’m extremely thankful for the awesome CAREGIVER cast and crew that really stepped up to help make this such a great experience. Looking forward to putting the film out there later in 2022.

Highlands Horror Film Fest

I had the pleasure of attending the Highlands Horror Film Fest in Highlands, New Jersey this past weekend and was honored that MOMMA, DON’T GO won the award for Best Short Film! Located on the Jersey Shore, the festival had the perfect atmosphere and setting with awesome Halloween decorations. Thank you to festival director Rob Kneller and the festival team. I hope to return with a future project.

New interview with Twelve Cabins

Thank you to Twelve Cabins for featuring Momma, Don’t Go and for the interview, where I discuss my relationship with the horror genre, my experience making the film and what’s next. Check out the interview below.

Momma, Don’t Go / Goodbye Old Friend on ARROW PLAYER

My short horror films MOMMA, DON’T GO and GOODBYE OLD FRIEND are now streaming on Arrow Player!