New York No Limits Film Series 2021 Summit

After several virtual screenings at New York City-based film festivals, MOMMA, DON’T GO finally had its in-person NYC premiere this past Sunday (10/3) at the New York No Limits Film Series 2021 Summit. It felt fitting as my past festival hit WAFFLE (2010) had its NYC premiere at the film series’ very first event in January 2011. I was excited to return not only to the film series itself, but its usual venue Wild Project, an East Village arts performance space with a screening room in the back, perfect for watching a diverse block of short films and engaging with the artists who created them.

Despite several audience members leaving to take a bathroom break right before MOMMA started, the film’s screening was a success as it seemed to go over well. Whenever I watch it with an audience, I’m eager to see/hear the reception to its loud, gruesome climax. Fortunately, I heard the reactions I wanted, bringing a smile to my face. The audience members who returned halfway through the film were probably thrown for a loop. Hopefully they’ll seek out the film online to catch the three minutes they missed.

After the last short film screened, filmmakers in attendance gathered on the screening room stage for a Q&A. Joined by extremely talented MOMMA actress Julia Tolchin (“Claire”), we answered questions from the moderator about pre-production, production and character. The only question from the audience was for MOMMA, where I provided more information about the “medicine” vial in the film and its purpose, something I intend to provide a bit more background for in the feature-length version.

Momma, Don’t Go actress Julia Tolchin (middle) and director Rafael De Leon (right).

As in the past, I highly enjoyed my time at New York No Limits. Thank you to festival directors Tom Escovar, Robert Wagner, the NYNL team and the family and friends that came out to support MOMMA’s NYC premiere. I hope to submit a new horror project to NYNL sometime next year.

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